Friday, 18 September 2015

Very First Little Baby Things

Preparing for the arrival of Baby-Bear has taken me on an unexpected journey through a thriving industry of talented, local makers. I'm looking forward to sharing some of these beautiful, locally designed products and a little bit about their  inspiring makers with you, over the next couple months.

Let me tell you the story of how Baby-Bear got his/her first stuffie. In the lower-left corner of the image below is Seal. Jacob, my four year-old son, brought Seal home from the Vancouver Aquarium when he was not even two yet. Since then, there has rarely been an evening where Jacob has gone to bed without his B.S.F. (best stuffie friend) and certainly never a morning when he has left bed without Seal. Somewhere during my second trimester with Baby-Bear, Jacob brought home a second seal (right). He handed me the toy and said, "Here Mommy, this Seal is for the new baby". My heart melted.

And that's how Baby-Bear got his/her first stuffie.

Clockwise from top-left: Vonbon Apparel Rompers and Knotted Hats, Minimoc Baby
Moccasins, Vonbon Apparel Blanket, and Vancouver Aquarium Seal Baby Stuffed Animals.
Background: Little & Luxe "Love Letter" Fitted Crib Sheet.

In preparing many other 'firsts' for our little bundle of joy, I've come across the most adorable collection of locally made baby products. The makers of these products are super-mumpreneurs who, in most cases, have taken on the challenge of launching a business in the midst of an already challenging life stage. I applaud them and take inspiration from them as I hope that you will once you get to know them. I'm so thrilled to share these with you over the next couple months. Whether you are expecting or gifting, you will fall in love with these precious little things.

(Image via here.)
Meet Jennifer Wilson of Vonbon Apparel.
Maker of modern, organic cotton little styles for baby and child.

By Day? 
Being the best mother and wife I can while trying to hold down the title of VONBON CEO and lead designer.

By Night?
A snapping, graming, scoping, pinning wizard! ;)

Esti, my beautiful 8 month old baby girl. She has given me a new outlook on life and it is so inspiring!

(Image via here.)
Meet Amanda Penner of Minimoc.
Half of a Vancouver-based husband and wife duo making the most adorable little baby moccasins.

Sweet or Savoury?​​ 
Savoury. Then sweet. Then savoury. Then sweet.

Facebook or Instagram? 
IG #IGiswhereitsat

What items can be found on you at all times?
Diapers. I am very glamorous.

Meet Lindsay Wilson of Little & Luxe.
Mommy to two Littles (soon to be Three!) by day.
Shop owner/creator/designer at Little & Luxe by night.

Real life addiction?
Online shopping

Hard one....I can't say I have just one. I gather so much inspiration from networking with other shops. I have connected with so many wonderful people through the shop.

Most recent addition to your lingerie drawer?
Nursing bras! Babe is coming any day now!

A STAR IS BORN - Modern Baby Book by Mushybooks.
I almost skipped a baby book this time around. The majority on the market have a cheesy and outdated esthetic. Plus, there is so much stuff 'to do' that the stuff you don't end up doing ultimately becomes  a source of disappointment. 

Then I met Mushybooks. These are nothing like the baby books that we're accustomed to. They are superb quality products with an artistic and modern feel to them. Clean, bold colours offer a fresh take on feminine and masculine palettes.

Meet Lesley Hobbs of Mushybooks.
Maple Ridge Mom of three. CEO and Creator of Mushybooks - Modern baby books that you will want to complete!


What smell do you love?

What did you last take a photo of?
My kids swimming.

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